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Uber Meat

Do you like comic with lovable characters, intelligent scripts, and plenty of comedy? Well then look somewhere else douche bag. Because your not going to find any of that here. However, if you like: hateful characters constantly trying to kill each other, people calling each other dumb asses every 2 panels, and jokes about sex...then look no further! I update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

This is the Sprite Graveyard, this is where the unused sprites and deleted characters go. It is run by Frank, who, if you've read the comics, is basically the Angel of Death here.

Being Deleted from the comic is different from dying in the comic. If you die in the comic, you come to the Sprite Graveyard and Frank sends you back to the mortal plain whenever he feels like it. When you are deleted however, you are sent to the Sprite Graveyard and you can never return to the real (albeit pixelated) world. The following characters have been deleted for one reason or another.

She is also a self proclaimed Emo. She has quite the talent for drawing Anime Characters. Although she the loosest possible meaning of the word, a friend, I had to delete her from the comic. It wasn't because I hate her (although that might have been a subconscious reason) it's because I simply couldn't think of a storyline with her in it and I often forgot she was even in the cast.

Tim is...I don't know what Tim is. Maybe that's why I deleted him from the comic in the first place. The only reason I had him in there to begin with was because when I first started I had no idea to do so I had him as site manager. Now that I can stand on my own, there was no more need to keep him there. He didn't seem all that broken up about it anyway.

Not Been used/Possible Future Characters
These Characters are also friends of mine. A couple of them I plan on putting in the comic but only if I get a real chance.

He is fucking insane. Don't ge me wrong all my friends have their own special brand of insanity but Josh is the only I think will need a staight jacket in less than 5 years. He's a good friend of mine but every time he gets chicks to say hi to him and pretty much bow at his feet just by sitting there I want to rip his fucking head off!

A World of Warcraft addict if there ever was one. WoW is his primary life. His secondary one being the one with his fleshy exterior. Can't blame the guy though, never played the game myself but it looks a whole lot more appealing than this "reality".


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