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Uber Meat

Do you like comic with lovable characters, intelligent scripts, and plenty of comedy? Well then look somewhere else douche bag. Because your not going to find any of that here. However, if you like: hateful characters constantly trying to kill each other, people calling each other dumb asses every 2 panels, and jokes about sex...then look no further! I update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Mac is the creator, artist, and writer of Uber Meat Comics. The fact that he is making this comic in the first place is nothing short of a miracle. Although he is one of the most perverted/lazy/sarcastic in the group he is still able to maintain an emotionless persona.

Fuse is the only character in the entire comic that is not based on a real person. He is able to switch from his Normal Form to his Attack Form in just a few seconds. He obeys almost every command that is given to him. He manages the base's technical equipment, in order to keep everything running smoothly. But in combat he is able to adapt and copy his opponents moves.

Caleb is Mac's best friend and his "right-hand man" because with him being the right hand man it makes it easier to smack him upside the head. Although Caleb is smart academically he is retarded when it comes to real-life situations. Taylor, and anyone else who looks at Mac and Caleb, thinks that they are clones.

Although Mac has not seen Tristan in over a year, they do remain in contact via Xbox Live. With his Uber ownage he is able to dominate almost any game. Tristan is so skinny that it makes you wonder if he is bulimic....I wonder.

One of the few in the group that will even hope to match Mac's pervertedness. JT also matchess Mac when it comes to Halo ownage, while everyone else kicks their asses. After much thinking it over Mac came up with the reason he put him in the comic: He needed another punching bag/target practiced target

One of Mac's greatest rivals and a deeply disturbed person. Although he shares the same hatred of Caleb as Mac does he seems to take into a more...physical way. Casey matches Mac in a number of games (Custom Robo, Dead or Alive 4, and Halo 3 to name a few).

We gave Jack the option to make his own bio and he replied with: Awesome. so there you have it.

Kat is a hard one to make a bio for. She is very beautiful. She is in the choir and has a beautiful voice. All though she has an occasional blonde moment she makes up for it with beauty and brains. Did I mention she's beautiful?

Don't move...don't talk...don't even breath! Anything will piss this guy off! Often known as "The Sasquach" Cody is a hot tempered emo who can step on you if you look at him the wrong way. Make sure to be on his good side, it's a tiny little thing that's on his back...where he can't reach you. The last person who pissed him off got a scar on his back *ahem* Caleb.

Emily is my ex-girlfriend and is without a doubt one of my hottest friends. Although she says that she is a gamer and has an Xbox Live she has yet to prove it. More to be added later


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